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Modern techniques makes websites look amazing on all devices.

Easier Maintenance

Open source frameworks empower our clients to make changes themselves.

Leading Technologies

Your app remains relevant in a constantly evolving ecosystem. With rapid tooling, your vision is realized quickly.

Graceful Degradation

Broad support for legacy browsers and impaired users.

FAQ Favorite Asked Questions


I have a PHP site and I wanted to add a feature to it. Do I need to rewrite the entire site in Ruby on Rails?


No, bug fixes and simple additions to sites written in PHP, ASP, Perl, or other technologies do not need to undergo a complete rewrite. If, however, the next few years will be marked with progressive updates to the site, a rewrite could be prudent.


I want to sell something online, what is the best way to publish my products on the internet so I can manage it moving forward?


A site that has a Content Management System is the best bet for enabling you to manage your own site. For merchanting, there are some very solid products out there that mitigates your risk at a low cost, performing all the credit card processing externally while allowing your branding to be consistent.


How much does it cost to build a website? How long does one take to build?


If you would like an estimate we would be happy to provide one for free. Our hourly rate is $125.


06 Jul 2021 . Rails . Tracking Rails Main (2/2) Comments

After setting out to upgrade a large application to rails/rails main and managing to go from 5.2 to 6.1, but the process took an entire weekend and grew past a reasonable blog length. Desk is a much smaller application, with 1000 lines of ruby and 2000 lines of javascript in the app directory– the process should be 100x easier. Update the Gemfile The current application is locked to 6.0.1. I will be skipping 6.1 this time and going from 6.0.1 to the main branch. The Gemfile generated by the rail-6…

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Samples Collection of work samples from the past.

On Guard Security Training

Cybersecurity Training for small business with a focus on the zero-trust vendor security model. Provides training for small business at a flat rate and simplified onboarding.


Record your prayers in Praybook then update their status on the go. Pray for your friends and share your needs with others. When your prayers are answered, they become praise so your friends and groups know how to pray for you.

Be Bold Street Minstries

Spreading the gospel of Jesus by providing for his children. A non profit in Salem focused on reaching homeless and drug affected with the powerful message of Jesus Christ.


Rejuvenation sells classic American lighting for traditional period looks. In 2012, Rejuvenation launched a new Ruby on Rails website integrated with their ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX.


  • January 2020

    Developed On Guard Security Training

  • January 2018

    Acquired Unique Advertising

  • February 2016

    Launched Yet Another Site

  • October 2015

    Launched Praybook

  • January 2013

    First Speaking: MongoDB

  • November 2011

    Learned Ruby / Rails


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