Responsive Design

Our websites use modern techniques to ensure websites look amazing on all devices.

Easier Maintenance

We leverage open source frameworks to empower our clients to make changes themselves. The high adoption of these frameworks allows you to chose your future designers and developers rather than locking you in.

Leading Technologies

The languages we write your webpages in are chosen using vast research in performance, security, and upgradeability.

Graceful Degredation

Any features we write will work well on older technology, and for the widest audience, regardless of impairment

FAQ Favorite Asked Questions


I have a PHP site and I wanted to add a feature to it. Do I need to rewrite the entire site in Ruby on Rails?


No, bug fixes and simple additions to sites written in PHP, ASP, Perl, or other difficult to maintain technologies do not need to undergo a complete rewrite. If, however, the next few years will be marked with progressive updates to the site, a rewrite would be prudent.


I want to sell something online, what is the best way to publish my products on the internet so I can manage it moving forward?


A site that has a Content Management System is the best bet for enabling you to manage your own site. For merchanting, there are some very solid products out there that mitigates your risk at a low cost, performing all the credit card processing externally while allowing your branding to be consitent through checkout.


How much does it cost to build a website? How long does one take to build?


A simple site costs around $1000 and takes a week. E-Commerce sites typically take around a month to set up and start at $1500. If you would like an estimate we would be happy to provide one for free.


I have a brilliant idea but no funding, would Unique Advertising like to get in on the ground floor?


Yes, get funding and we would love to help.


30 Jul 2018 . Rails . Replace Users with Devise Comments

I rolled my own authentication for Praybook. There was a complex single table inheritance design that enabled someone to try out Praybook without signing up. If someone tracked their prayers, and wanted to save their experience, they could sign up and log in from another device. Now, I want to include email integration for password reset. At this point rolling my own authentication is no longer taking less time than relying on Devise, the de facto Rails solution to Authentication. The implementation included a relationship between users through a join table that relates Users to Persons….

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Samples Here is a collection of work samples from the past.


One part social network, two parts prayer tracking, and mix thoroughly. Record your prayers in Praybook, update on the go. Pray for your friends and share your needs with others. When your prayers are answered, they become praise, so your friends know how to pray for you.

Cub Scouts Pack 122

Chartered in 1964, Pack 122 serves South Salem through the support of their charter organization, Westminster Presbyterian Church and area schools including Wright Elementary, Liberty Elementary, Morningside Elementary Schlire Elementary and Salem Heights Elementary

Be Bold Street Minstries

Spreading the gospel of Jesus by providing for his children. A non profit in Salem focused on reaching homeless and drug affected with the powerful message of Jesus Christ.


Rejuvenation sells clasic American lighting for restoration of homes in the Northwest. Portland, OR hosts the Manufacturing and original store. In 2012, Rejuvenation launched a new Ruby on Rails website integrated with their ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX.


  • January 2018

    Launched Unique Advertising

  • Feburary 2016

    Launched Yet Another Site

  • October 2015

    Launched Praybook

  • January 2013

    First Speaking: MongoDB

  • November 2011

    Learned Ruby / Rails


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