Reflecting on RubyCentral

03 Mar 2023 . . Comments

@eilenecodes directly challenged members of the community who worked at companies listed as sponsors to approach their companies with a plan of sponsoring a team to focus on supporting the upstream rails/rails. If we as a company are aligned with the head, we should be able to

the final day was most intra personal and was so much more draining. beginning with drama triangle and how to better rephrase criticism to support (such as rescuer -> coach) ending with tldr dont burnout

RubyConf was far more challenging

Losing Chris really hurt. Seeing the joy of so many first timers was greater. I finally got on the stage but only to troll Stack Overflow. I’ve been stuck in writing. There’s been no discipline to write, except about nuances of getting people to connect. I haven’t come up with a new idea or a passion to pursue in a while.

We never wrote param expectations, typed ruby seems only possible because of end of support pushing us to 3. Have I matured or digressed? In order to play expert role I had to let go of chasing experiments and start helping others find room to explore, but to provide the refinement which accelerates their learning.

I’m going to enjoy Atlanta virtually and I’m eternally grateful that is possible.